Fooling the mundanes is always hilarious, but it’s the wise wizard who chooses his time and place. Take the expert dickery of Jim Darkmagic. Much like Wizard in today’s comic, he tricks an obnoxious character into believing he’s got magic powers, then watches him get stomped by the enemy. The all important difference is that Jeff the intern is just a peon. While there’s always a chance that DM Perkins will have him return one day as a villain, it’s even money that the poor schlubb is dead. Fighter, on the other hand, is a PC. If he survives he’s going to take revenge, and the dreaded PVP cycle will begin.

So here’s the deal. If you’re going to indulge in magical malfeasance,  you’ll have to find ways to deflect retribution. No one wants to take a greatsword to the dome while they’re asleep, right? Right. So here’s some advice:

  • Put ranks in Bluff. Learn phrases like, “The spell went haywire!” or “The sea serpents must have true seeing!”
  • Take the silent spell and still spell feats. Together they form a single feat called “plausible deniability.”
  • Remind your victim that he doesn’t have ranks in Spellcraft. He can’t prove diddly.
  • Use bribery. You were going to take craft wondrous anyway, so crafting your way out of a drubbing is smart play.
  • Just don’t do it, you impossibly smug wand fondling pointy eared prick.


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