This is the first of approximately eleventy billion ‘Fighter is a jerk’ comics. In his defense however, it is the job of a good rogue to collect the loot.

This comic is an interesting one from a development standpoint. I’d originally pictured a more door-like portal, with Fighter holding it open for an “it’s obviously a trap” kind of gag. That idea got lost somewhere in translation, and Laurel turned in a fun image that was sadly bereft of its central concept. To me, that mouth screamed “recently slain monster” rather than “trapped monstrous door.” Why would anyone walk in there?

The tongue piercing was Laurel’s invention, and came about purely as a last-minute addition, thus saving the comic and adding a new (and I think funnier) gag. Nevertheless, as one of the earliest comics we collaborated on, this was a great lesson in the importance of artist/writer communication.


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