Lawful good rules lawyers get a bum rap on account of their lawful evil cousins. Those nefarious nitpickers will explain to you precisely why they can murder Orcus with a bag of rats, how they can fashion a railgun out of day laborers and a brick, or why they really do deserve 20 levels worth of XP for nuking a city with a first level spell.  You can tell the difference because the lawful good rules lawyer will actually argue for the monsters as well as the PCs. They know that the dice gods love honesty, and that reminding the poor beleaguered GM of his oft-overlooked bonuses will surely be rewarded in the next round. And yes, they may have to suffer glares and outrage and, “Dude! Shut ups!” from the rest of the group, but it is the sacred duty of a lawful good rules lawyer to keep the battlefield an equitable place.

So mad respect to you, Cleric. You may endure power attack damage to the dome for one round, but your carefully bookmarked player’s handbook will be as a sacred relic, your pushed up glasses shall reflect the light of virtue, and your noble battle cry of, “Um, actually,” shall echo through eternity.

Any other lawful good rules lawyers out there? Give us your tales that we may do you honor!


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