To be fair, Antipaladin was a member of The Evil Party for quite a while. Visits to the Evil Chapel of Evil are a comfortable part of his workday. How is he supposed to know that Demon Queen is possessing his cute and innocent catgirl coworker? No doubt it’s coincidence that tonight is Devil’s Night, which just happens to be the perfect time to recreate the conditions for another interplanar body-swap. You’d have to be some sore of Big Bad Evil Guy mastermind to set that kind of thing in motion!

The game is afoot, and Handbook-World’s sporadic plot is climbing towards its next climax. But while we wait for the inevitable fireworks, let’s pause to consider Antipaladin’s plight more carefully. Imagine that you’ve just failed your check to realize something is wrong. There are two primary ways to play it.

  • Scenario 1: Obnoxiously Suspicious — Something about your partymate’s behavior is off. It’s subtle though. A lesser adventurer might have missed it. But a fighting man of your level picked up on the signs straight away! Perhaps it was a small tick of facial expression. Maybe you sensed the the raw hatred wafting off of the thing that wears your companion’s face. Or maybe it’s the fact that your GM passed them a 3×5 index card when they failed that save versus mind control. You’ve got a perfectly respectable +0 to Notice Body Language though, so it’s only fair that you play your hunch. Better grind the game to a halt while you question this impostor like a Law & Order LARPer, hoping to catch them in a lie. Maybe tie them up for good measure. After all, you’ve only survived this long by metagaming being careful!
  • Scenario 2: Trusting Idiot — You know just how to catch an impostor. All you’ve got to do is stare them in the eye. Watch to see if they blink. Everyone knows that blinking is a sure sign of duplicity. If they can return your, “Hey, you doing alright?” with a steady gaze, then everything is A-OK. I mean sure, you the player know that the roll totally sucked. Your buddy is talking like he’s got a brain slug and looks like he’s wearing an Edgar suit. But as a character, you’ve got to respect the dice. And the dice tell you that you that you’re required to accompany them into that perfectly-innocent abandoned steel works. Any follow-up questions or sensible precautions are tantamount to cheating.

I suspect that we’re working with a false dichotomy here. There’s got to be a middle way between these two extremes, but what exactly does it look like? Tell us how to split the difference between the twin poles of a failed Insight check down in the comments!


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