Thief refused to dress up for our 200th comic. Given her love of cosplay, I’d have thought she’d be all over the Slave Leia look. Oh well. I guess the boys will have to make up the difference.

Since we’ve already tackled the perennially popular female armor question, what say we talk about the mysterious popularity of tiefling cheesecake? Because let me tell ya, there is a lot of the stuff. The interwebs are practically bursting with it. In fact, I suspect that a Google image search for “female tiefling” will render a greater degree of bare skin than any other race.

Now I’ll admit that I don’t have much in the way of hard proof. However, my latest character is a tiefling warlock. And in the course of my search for appropriate character art I came across more skimpy bikinis than a Baywatch marathon. My theory is that there’s a bit of the succubus mystique attached to the race. Characters with literal demon/devil blood running through their veins are going to have that bad girl appeal, and the trope comes prepackaged with a heavy dose of seductress.

I dunno. Maybe I’m jumping to the smutty explanation on account of our ongoing Handbook of Erotic Fantasy comic. But it’s undeniable that some ineffable something has propelled the tiefling race from its obscure Planescape origins to a coveted spot in the pantheon of core player races.

What do you guys think? Why are tieflings so popular? How did they manage to outcompete all the other wacky races to win their place in mainstream D&D? Let’s hear your wild speculation in the comments!


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