Do you remember way back in the day when we posted Handbook of Heroes #1: Spider-Corn? Of course you don’t. Back then we had exactly one reader, and that was Laurel’s mom. I think you can see the relevance to today’s topic though. Getting your animal companions in and out of the dungeon is such a common hassel that we made it our very first gag. Slightly less common but no less frustrating is figuring out how to get your wide-load animal bros cross-country.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’ve powered through the early levels, and your wizard’s teleport spell is finally online. Unfortunately you’re rolling with a large party, which means that the warlock’s familiar and the ranger’s wolf and your bard’s entourage put you over the limit. It’ll be a minimum of three castings to teleport there and back and there again. Suddenly heading to that swingin’ house party in Far Far Away doesn’t seem worth the trouble.

It’s the same deal with weight limits on flying carpets. Or trying to shove your riding elephant through a puny tree portal. Or casting enough dimension doors to get everybody past this week’s arbitrary forcefield. As the party size increases, so too do the logistics headaches.

That brings me to the question of the day. What are your favorite strategies for getting the party where it’s going? Do you bite the bullet and waste all your spell slots on teleportation magic? Do you throw up your hands and walk like a peasant? How do you move around the map when you’ve got an allosaurus in tow? Let’s hear about your most genius moments of travel planning down in the comments!


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