Happy Halloween everybody! I trust that you’re all enjoying your mandatory annual vampire / haunted house / actual cannibal Shia LaBeouf-themed adventures? Excellent! I can’t get enough of that mess myself.

We looked at some of the downsides of evil last week, but If you’re anything like me, the call of the macabre outweighs the negatives. Playing an evil character has the same charm for me as browsing the gross-out masks at one of those pop-up Halloween shops. Stepping into the shoes of a malevolent monster comes paired with an odd sense of freedom, and selecting your own special flavor of wickedness is an experience we don’t always get to enjoy.

In theory, you can always do whatever you want in an RPG. However, I can’t shake the feeling that some games expect me to be the good guy, especially when the back of the module keeps referring to me and my buddies as “the heroes.” When you take off your shining armor and put on the black leather though, all those implied inhibitions go out the window. Suddenly murdering the innocent palace guards is more than something I can do “in theory.” It’s positively expected, and no one’s going to frown and wonder whether we could have “just talked to them.” I’m a creature of darkness over here! My bloodlust will not be denied!

That expanded sense of freedom seeps between the lines of an evil campaign’s social contract, and so you wind up with a more diverse set of characters. The kinds of characters that ooze malice, wicked charm, and style. In short, it is straight up fun to be the bad guy. Twirling you mustache, sneering at your defeated enemies, and laughing maniacally in battle are all worthy pastimes. And if you’ve never tried it out, so is running an evil campaign.

Question of the day! What is the most fun you’ve had playing an evil character? Did you commit any notable outrages against common decency? Maybe you commissioned an especially swishy black cloak? Or did you make like Necromancer and recreate the Thriller dance with your undead minions? Let’s hear all about your best acts of depravity down in the comments!


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