I don’t care what anybody says. Elrond’s coronation hairdo was magnificent.

There’s a real problem with the overuse of race-based tropes in fantasy, and Fighter isn’t the only one with the hangup. It seems like every dwarf is Scottish and every elf enjoys nancing down the pike. Case in point, I once made the grievous error of allowing my players to invent a new item called The Book of Racial Stereotypes. It’s full of illustrations with names like “typical dwarf, female” and “typical half-elf, male.” They use it to insult one another’s heritage (“It says here that elf children aren’t weaned until they’re 35!”) and to gain a +2 in drawing composite mugshots.

Of course, if any of you feel a burning need to write Wizard/Fighter fic, I do have a resource for you. As this comic has forced me to research elven sexuality, I’ve got some TMI courtesy of Professor Tolkien himself.


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