We’ve touched on the subject of non-humanoid PCs once or twice or thrice before. Designing your world to accommodate all comers is a tough mandate when we’re all a bunch of boring, vanilla humans IRL. And even worse, we’re a bunch of modern humans. We expect our conveniences to be designed into every nook and cranny of our fictional worlds. So not only are we hard-pressed to consider creatures very different from ourselves, but we also have to consider time periods.

So let’s talk bathrooms. That’s right. Lavatories. Outhouses. Water closets, johns, privies, latrines, the dunny and the head and and the shitter. Everybody poops, right? So what about all those dungeon denizens occupying rooms L2-L15? Our old pal Gygaxian Naturalism demands a bathroom for their comfort and convenience. But if you turn your head and squint a little, the absence of a bathroom can be just as interesting.

Anyone who’s walked through a living history exhibit can point to the various chamber pots and bed pans that ye olde times used to use. But that’s just a start. If you’re in a dungeon, what kind of scavengers rake your muck? Is there some kind of garbage pit? Maybe an enterprising wizard has outfitted a bag of devouring with a nice, comfy seat? Or you can even bait and switch your players with “recently dug earth” out back of the goblins’ camp. Buried treasure? Recently dug graves full of valuable clues? Or just another incredible smell to discover?

So for today’s discussion, why don’t we talk about all those “toilets” in dungeon design? To be clear, I don’t just mean the bathrooms. I’m talking about all the light sources, sleeping quarters, kitchens, and bedrooms that ought to exist in an occupied dungeon. Do you make sure to include them, or do you let it slide? Let’s hear all about the horse crap you like to deposit in your own dungeon!


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