I feel like Glorithon and Peasant Girl had some grand adventures in their brief time together. He showed her his hoard, she showed him her dirt farm… He shared arcane secrets older than the race of man, she knitted him a scarf…. Honestly though, Fighter probably did them a favor. I mean, that kind of relationship never works out. He inevitably has to fight some evil dragon to defend everything he’s grown to love in these short months, and she has to cry bitterly over his broken body before dating a jackalwere in the sequel.

Look guys, I’ve read these novels. I know how this shit works. Fighter just cut out the middle man.

I think the real unanswered question here is how the heck Fighter killed that thing. Glorithon’s head alone is as big as Peasant Girl, which means that he is at a minimum size category huge. That makes him at least a young adult gold dragon, which would put Fighter’s party around 11th level. I can’t picture the rest of the gang going in for goodly dragon killing though, which raises its own questions. Is Fighter a high level character? If he killed Glorithon by treachery, how did he gain the dragon’s trust? Is Mr. Stabby an incredibly powerful artifact carved from the clotted blood of Yxarus, the dread god of slaughter who fell in single combat with Adrasil, god of night and day, in the battle which first shaped the world?

Personally, I’m betting Fighter got lucky and Glorithon had a stroke.


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