Rules are important. They tell us how the world behaves, and allow our collective make-believening to remain internally consistent. In a hobby predicated on the suspension of disbelief, that mess is important. After all, you want to know that a 20 on the die means a hole in the monster. The metaphor of dice = chance is the cornerstone of (most) RPG experiences, and you don’t want to mess with that. Some rules, however, require a bit of context.

In the present example, this business with “willing creatures” is found in the chapter on magic, and exists because of spells like teleport. Notice how the target section says “touched willing creatures.” You can’t just target the baddies with teleport and poof them half way across the world (and preferable over an active volcano). That’s why the “willing” bit exists. If you want to teleport your unconscious buddy away from danger, however, the rules definitely allow for it.

Now that’s simple enough for you and me, but Fighter has a literal sort of mind. He also has an unfortunate degree of access to the Handbook of Heroes, and in the wrong hands that nighted tome is more dangerous than the Necronomicon.

You’ve got to learn to appreciate context, Fighter!


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