I dig the idea of talking animals in fantasy RPGs. It’s a classic fairy tale trope on the one hand, and allows for such hilarity as octopus paladins on the other. There’s even a full supplement to support the idea, which gives me hope that there’s an anti-party of noble animals now tracking Fighter down.

Shifting gears slightly, have any of you kids read A Night in the Lonesome October? The shtick is that various staples of Victoriana like Jack the Ripper, Victor Frankenstein, and Sherlock Holmes are trying to close the doorways between our world and the standard bunch of Mythos horrors that are threatening to bust through. This is only a minor subplot though. The real meat and potatoes of the novel has to do with the interplay between these figures’ animal companions. And let me tell you, I would go adventuring with Snuff the dog any day. Bottom line is that this is great campaign inspiration, and if you haven’t already read it you should seriously check this one out. Lonesome October was Roger Zelazny’s last novel, and one of his best.

Any dang way, I’m pretty sure I’ll wind up running a “you’re all the animal companions” game one day. Rewards will include the standard stuff like stat belts and bags of holding, but especially lucky player may also receive walkies, couch privileges, and bacon.

How about you guys? Anybody out there ever play or meet an especially cool talking animal?


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