Casters love nothing better than throwing big splashy spells out onto the map. Their bespectacled little faces light up with glee whenever they can transform a battlefield into fire or tentacles or fiery tentacles that shoot smaller tentacles that are also on fire. It’s generally a good idea to let them get it out of their system before you go charging into the blast zone. Of course, waiting doesn’t always work out either.

Just last weak my paladin did the whole, “I must insist. After you,” thing for Laurel’s wizard. I figured that giving her the right of way meant she could lay down some hurt before I went toe-to-toe. I was expecting a lightning bolt or a fireball or some other such fire and forget type spell. Instead she lets out the biggest, wettest, steamiest stinking cloud you’ve ever whiffed, and the friggin’ thing is straight in my charge path. Truth to tell, that’s probably why today’s comic exists. I suffered the indignity of a wasted turn thanks to that silly spell, and I’m still mildly miffed about it. My poor paladin spent her turn circumnavigating a fog bank full of sulfur and cabbage and gag reflex while Farts McMagic cackled with delight.

The worst part though? It was effective. That big fat spell was the right tool for the job, even if it did leave yours truly without anything useful to do. A few rounds later the proverbial clouds lifted to reveal a decimated enemy. We mopped up the remaining cultists with ease, and the wizard got the glory. So as much as I hate to admit it, and even if my paladin is a little bit bitter, the tactics were sound. The party caster got to be a big damn hero. And you know what? Even bookish nerds need that every once in a while.

How about the rest of you guys? Have you ever experienced friendly fire or an otherwise inconvenient AoE? Tell us your tale in the comments!


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