Fighter, in addition to being an all-around jerk, is also specific kind of jerk. He’s a backseat gamer. You might have heard this called “quarterbacking” or “combat choreography” or “that one guy at the table who won’t shut up and let me play my own friggin’ character.” Regardless of what you call it though, one thing is for sure: it’s annoying as all get out.

The problem is that, at least to some extent, these games we play involve teamwork and tactics. A certain amount of strategizing comes with the territory. And if you’ll recall the recent episode between my paladin and a certain stank-smelling wizard, there are times when that little bit of extra table talk can be a good thing.

My advice though? You should error on the side of shutting up and letting the other guy do his thing. Sure you might lose a little bit of combat effectiveness. Sometimes you’ll even suffer serious consequences for your lack of planning and foresight. But my favorite combats tend to be those chaotic affairs where the party squeaks by on luck and audacity. After all, what are the fights you remember? The ones where you hold a model U.N. session to figure out how to eke out every marginal advantage, or the ones where the dwarven barbarian leaps down the stairs, over the melee, into flanking position…and straight into the wizard’s hungry pit? For my money, I’ll take the flying barbarian every time.

How about the rest of you guys? How much strategizing do you like with your combat? A lot or a little? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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