I saw this meme just a few too many times. I finally decided to make the attempt. That’s the origin story of today’s comic anyway. So with apologies to Yakko Warner

And now, the classes of Pathfinder
Brought to you by The Handbook of Heroes!

Collegiate Arcanist, Veiled Illusionist
Bloodrager, Devoted Muse
Walker of Horizons, Champ of the Enlightened,
Then Magus, and Commoner too 

Golden Legionnaire, Summoner, Dragon Disciple, 
Inquisitor, Ninja and on!
Group Leader, and Brawler then Pathfinder Chronicler
And Dissident of the Dawn 

Liberator, Cleric, Master Chymist
Pit Fighter, Exalted, Stargazer, Sam’rai,
Sentinel, Oracle, Harrower
Sleepless Detective, Mage of the Third Eye 

Chevalier, Arcanist, Duelist, Diabolist
Paladins, who are so brave!
Alchemist, Gray Warden, Enchanting Courtesan
Warrior, Agent of Graves

Slayer, Justiciar, Hunter, Guild Poisoner
Darechaser, Monk, Steel Falcon
Evangelist, Natural Alchemist, Sorcerer
Rogue and Crimson Assassin

There’s Spherewalker, Anchorite, Master Spy, Eldritch Knight
Wardens: Rose, Nature and Soul
Ashavic Dancers, Rangers, Technomancers and
Templars both Crimson and Low.

Cyphermage, Swashbuckler,  Bloodmage, Inheritor’s
Crusader, Druid and Bard
Tattooed Mystic, Pain Taster, then Hell Knight Commander,
And Witch, Winter Witch, and Wizard

Gunslinger, Sphere Singer, and Envoy of Balance
Demoniac, Noble Scion,
Barbarian, Furious Guardian,
Heritor Knight, Lion Blade, and Shaman!

Assassin, Sun Seeker, Souleater, Brewkeeper
False Priest, Coastal Pirate, Lore Master
Grand Marshal, Rage Prophet, Skald, Darkfire Adept
Aristocrat, and Dark Delver 

Vigilante, Warpriest, Deep Sea Pirate, Adept
And Seekers both Brightness and Scar!
Kineticist, Mesmerist, Daivrat, Guild Agent
Divine Scion, Student of War! 

Living Monolith, Runeguard, and Swordlord and Expert
Fighter and Mystery Cultist
Celestial Knight, Green Faith Acolyte, Field Agent
Halfling Opportunist 

Sacred Sentinel, Sanctified Prophet, Planes Walker,
Purity Legion Enforcer
Stalwart Defender and Hell Knight Enforcer and…

Investigator, Holy Vindicator, then
Mystic Theurge, Arcane Archer-Trickster-Savant,
Divine Assessor, Antipaladin

And now, today’s discussion.
Also brought to you by The Handbook of Heroes!

When you’re introducing a new player to a complex game, how do you go about presenting options without overwhelming the poor noob? Sound off with all your best guidance for first timers down in the comments!


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