A while back, we posted the preview of “Historical Accuracy” over on the Patreon. It was a near-disaster. One of our patrons pointed out that we’d only given Thief two eyes. Another gently informed us of a spelling error. (Cleric had said “last rights” instead of “last rites,” an oversight that may well have caused our very-lawful dwarf to quit the Handbook in disgust). Happily, both of these errors were corrected before the comic made it to the main site.

Thoroughly chastened, we swore off further errors. We would make double-extra-super sure to check future comics for similar faux pas. Thus resolved, we immediately fucked up by publishing “Dominate Hair.” If you look closely on that one, you can still make out Summoner’s dialogue from “Historical Accuracy” superimposed over Necromancer’s knee. How, we wondered, Could this be happening? We were so careful!

In today’s comic, it’s clear that something is awry in Handbook-World. Perhaps there’s a gremlin loose in the gears. Maybe we offended a continuity elemental. Whatever the cause, the errors abound in today’s comic, and we need your help in rounding ’em all up!

CONTEST RULES: There are approximately 20 errors in today’s comic. If you think you’ve got ’em all, comment your findings down below. We’ll ship your choice of our hot new D20 Class Prints to whichever one of you helpful heroes gets them all first. Failing that, whoever spots the most errors by Monday, 1/27/20 wins. If you want to play, comment with a numbered list down below! We’ll shout out the winner right here once this things ends. 

AND THE WINNERS ARE: thematthew AND Ramallama!

If you don’t have time to play “I spy” during your daily comics binge, never fear! You can also snag one of our D20 Class Prints for a few paltry gp over at our Etsy store.

Finally, we wouldn’t leave you without your DM-recommended daily discussion question. Therefore, tell us all about the last time you forgot a crucial detail in your game! Did your misremember an important NPC’s name? Maybe you didn’t say every tiny syllable in that crucial ritual? Or perhaps your little whoopsy happened on the other side of the screen, and you mixed up the color of your own BBEG dragon? We’ve all been there, and nobody has a perfect record on this sort of thing. Sound off with your favorite continuity errors (and your answers to today’s contest) down in the comments!


CONTEST UPDATE: This thing turned out to be harder to judge than we’d imagined. That’s because there were some changes that we hadn’t noticed ourselves. There were some close decisions between continuity errors and artistic license, but we’ve tried to keep things as fair as possible while making judgement calls. And so, without further ado, the winners are…

The Winners

  • thematthew: Got the most items on our list with 17 of the official continuity errors spotted. This high-Perception adventurer also came away with a pair of unexpected entries: Thief’s visible ears and Fighter’s missing 6 pack. We’re not counting the size of Thief’s eyes in the “unofficial” tally, since they appear at different sizes throughout the comic.
  • Ramallama: Uncovered 16 of our official continuity errors, along with four unofficial ones significant enough to count (Thief’s ears, Mr. Stabby’s design, Mr. Stabby’s speech bubbles, and the tavern floorboards.)

Congrats to our lucky winners! We’ll be in touch about your prizes shortly. As for the rest of you, feel free to check out our official list of continuity errors right here. Thanks to everyone for playing!

Correct Answers

  1. The chandelier is brass and has knobs on it now.
  2. The chandelier’s candles are a different color.
  3. Wizard is a dude again.
  4. The windows in the background show pear trees rather than apple trees.
  5. There are five window panes per column.
  6. Fighter’s armor scales go the wrong way.
  7. Fighter’s eyes are the wrong color blue.
  8. Fighter’s nasal guard is missing.
  9. Thief’s eyes are visible (we also accepted “her hair is different”).
  10. Thief has unicorn style horns.
  11. Thief’s tail doesn’t have its spade at the end.
  12. The gouges are missing from the bar.
  13. Mirror image of the banner at top.
  14. Cleric has a gold tooth.
  15. Cleric doesn’t use “ye” or “o’” in his dialogue.
  16. Wizard uses contractions in his dialogue.
  17. Dr. Stabby is not doctor.
  18. Mr. Stabby says “blood,” not “doom.”
  19. Cleric’s hat it green.
  20. Cleric’s holy symbol shows the wrong symbol.
  21. It says “King’s Head” instead of “King’s Arms” in the scrollover text.

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