Today marks one of those odd occasions where my academic and fan interests align. Assuming I pound the keys and avoid a complete mental breakdown, Spring 2023 is the semester where I will defend my dissertation and earn my PhD in Digital Media (thereby assuming my final form as Dr. DM). Unfortunately, that means much of my mental energy regarding the OGL saga is devoted to cranking out academic prose. I haven’t got the heart to write this mess twice.

Therefore! Rather than rehashing my thoughts on our community’s imperiled status as, “An engine of cultural production rooted in the unique culture of collaboration inherent to TRPGs; one which posits transmedia itself as a form of play where participants can imagine themselves as active contributors to their own culture,” I thought a bit of pragmatism might be in order.

Whatever your take on corporate deviltry and avenging ORCs, the fact is that certain threads are popping up all across the net. They’re full of titles like “Welcome Newbies” and “How Hard Is It To Learn This Game?” The most immediate effect of the drama? A spike in system exploration and immigration.

So rather than focus on the negativity and relitigate intellectual property law, let’s talk about ambassadorship! When you’ve got an influx of new blood into your system, how do you go about showing hospitality and making folks feel welcome? And coming from the other end of the relationship, what are the characteristics of a good gaming pilgrim seeking to put down roots in a fresh community? Give us all your dos and don’ts for switching systems down in today’s comments!


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