This month, we told our Quest Givers over on Patreon to choose the form of the destructor. The kingdom was being overrun by adorable critters! But what exactly were they? After the votes were tallied and the dust cleared, we discovered pastel-colored pseudodragons ruling the roost. The horror! (Better luck next time to all those pipefoxes, leaf leshies, and pookas who didn’t make the cut.)

Today’s comic comes courtesy of my group’s ongoing Dungeons and Doggies campaign. We are all awakened canines, and the setting is ridiculously, wholly, and deliriously cute. Our most recent antagonists are fey creatures straight out of LabyrinthThey scream like Muppets when defeated before exploding into confetti. Laurel is running a corgi warlock with a pixie familiar. Last session, we rescued a pseudodragon by the name of “Flutterfog.” I’m not ashamed to admit that I made some distinctly unmanly noises when the little fella introduced himself. All of this has been unexpectedly delightful.

Way back in “Claiming the Throne,” we talked about the grim darkness of the grimdark aesthetic. As it turns out, the candy-colored opposite can be a breath of fresh air. When I joined this dogs game, I thought I’d signed up for a bit of Watership Down style animal fantasy. What I got was the pastel realm of the noblebright instead. It’s not something that I’ve experimented with before, and it’s turned out to be a lot of unexpected fun playing the “good dog” excited for treats, chasing balls, and helping Timmy out of the well.

So in the spirit of noblebright creatures everywhere, I turn to you lot with the question of the day! What is the single cutest critter you’ve encountered in a game? Was it a familiar? A so-ugly-it’s-cute monster? Maybe something you adopted as a party mascot? Whatever kawaii critter made you squee, tell us all about it down in the comments!


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