Seems like Fighter has an instinctive dislike for Warlock. For those of you familiar with our Handbook of Erotic Fantasy comics (or the not-so-secret identity of the blonde chick at the bottom of this page), you might guess why. Of course, given the grievous faux pas in today’s comic, Fighter doesn’t really need an extra excuse to get upset.

If your group always makes characters together, then this situation might not apply. But if you roll ’em up separately, and especially if you like to keep an air of mystery about your dude, then craning necks and wandering eyes can be a major problem. Just think of all those fun rogue masquerading as a wizard type concepts. Or PCs that secretly have the lycanthropy template. Or adorable goblin girls trying to pass for halflings.

You see, when characters are meeting up for the first time, there’s a fleeting opportunity to experience surprise. To watch as unusual fighting styles and mechanics slowly resolve themselves on the battlefield. That opportunity dissolves quickly though: telltale effects, spells, and class features are going to reveal all mysteries after a combat or two. So when you rob your soon-to-be partymates of their secrets, you’re robbing yourself of part of the fun.

The same issue applies to less egregious forms of spoiling than character sheet peeking. Just look at Warlock there, eyeing Mr. Stabby like he’s a sure sign of class identity. The nerve! Next thing you know he’ll be asking Fighter if he’s sure he’s allowed to wear heavy armor. Or why he didn’t prepare booming blade. Of if he really calculated his hp correctly. (Bro! You sure seem to have a lot for a d8 hit die!) 

So how about it, guys? Have you ever run into a player trying to glance at your character sheet like a freshman in a trig test? If so, what were you trying to keep secret? Let’s hear all about your own unfortunate class identity reveals down in the comments!


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