Reading through our own backlog in preparation for our upcoming Bestiary of Characters, we came to a startling realization. Poor Monk has only ever featured in a single comic. The indignity! Surely the punchiest of the core classes deserves better.

Aside from this comic’s overwhelming need for more martial arts content, today’s strip comes courtesy of one of the dankest D&D memes to ever grace the net. If you’ve never encountered Muscle Wizard, go ahead and hit that link. Dude cracks me up every time.

I love the idea of one class masquerading as another. From the “wizard” in the all-barbarian party to the hatless inquisitor, the idea of the carefully guarded character sheet has long been a source of amusement for me. Cunning characters like the bard or the rogue can pull it off easily (some more than others), but the core of my infatuation lies with the big dumb guy.

Too dumb to know he’s just a fighter and too intimidating to get called out, this character concept lives his life throwing Molotov cocktails while shouting “FIREBALL!” He waves his hand in front of the guard’s face, then whispers “Suggestion!” before punching him in the head. He breaks into a run and calls it expedition retreat, keeps a pet parrot and insists he knows speak with animals, and (as in today’s example) can’t tell the difference between stunning strike and daze. I’ve never had the opportunity to play such a marvelous idiot myself, but I’m guessing some of you guys have.

So how about it? Have you ever rolled up a druid that believed she had a future as a dancing poodle/bard? How about a warlock that thought all wizards got their magic from eldritch patrons? Let’s hear your stories of confused PCs in the comments!


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