So there you are, plumbing the depths of the desecrated temple like a good paladin. Maybe you’re laying the smite down on a few monsters. Maybe you’re searching for the lost sacraments of P’lot Devyss. Whatever. Point is that you’re down in the dungeon doing your do-good thing when you hear a gut-wrenching scream. From deeper within the ruins wafts the terrified cry of some poor schlub in mortal danger! Of course you rush to aid the weak. And when you round the corner and see this dirt farming peasant stretched out on the altar, you know there’s no time for diplomacy. Not when demon-cultists are about to commit a human sacrifice/altar desecration double whammy!

This is the situation that I presented to my own paladin pal, and he took the bait hook, line, and sinker. Revealing that the sacrificial victim was actually a disguised succubus was a delicious bit of DM deviltry, especially when the sultry hellion went in for the level-draining kiss.

There is nothing quite like the trope of getting-intimate-with-the-monster. If you’ve ever seen The Shining (Caution: NSFW link) you know what I’m talking about. Same deal with the succubus. Same deal with this awful frigging thing. Last time I GM’d a vargouille encounter, I felt absolutely dirty telling my poor bard how this freaky flying head paralyzed her, stuck its tongue down her throat, and deposited its stock of gooey eggs in her stomach. As squicky as that felt from my side of the screen though, I believe it was far squickier on hers.

This is the kind of horror you get from the chestburster in Alien. It’s the same kind of horror these egg-implanting freak shows employ. These kinds of critters are all about violating the natural order, and they’re virtually guaranteed to get a visceral reaction out of your PCs. A word to the wise though: know thy group. You don’t want to spring this kind of creepiness on non-consenting players. The goal is to bring some gross-out horror to the proceedings, not to make your game the wrong kind of uncomfortable.

Question of the day then: Have you ever used the “kissing the monster” trope in a game? Has it ever happened to you? Let’s hear your stories in the comments!


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