A healer is a good thing to have. But when your healer goes down, there’s no substitute for a dose of the red juice.

Most gamers are quick to figure this one out. They’ll distribute the good berries between party members each morning. Buy a six pack of stimpaks. Invest ranks into Use Magic Device so that wand of cure light wounds becomes a more effective poking stick. I don’t know about you guys, but regardless of the shape it takes, a backup heal is something that I try to include on each and every one of my characters.

“But Colin!” cries the straw golem. “I’m a front line fighter! It’s my job to deal the big damage and KO the enemy as fast as golemly possible. Healing for 2d4 + 2 Hit Points is a waste of my action! It’s much more efficient to let a dedicated healer do their job.”

“Oh straw golem,” I might be heard to reply. “You’re such fun to argue with.”

Of course a crappy heal is crappy. That big bad crit, or that awesome spell, or whatever other super-cool-thing-you-built-your-character-to-do is probably better in 99% of situations. But if you find yourself rescuing civilians from the site of a crashed airship, heading out on a solo adventure in enemy territory, or the last gamer standing in a battlefield full of toppled minis, you’re going to want that comparatively crappy option. The opportunity cost is negligible, so why not add it to your character sheet?

So for today’s discussion, why don’t we talk about your policy for backup healz? How do you like to keep those life bars in shape when the party healer is otherwise unavailable? Do you favor potions or wands? Staves or stimpaks? Or do you prefer to rough it with negligible healing resources, turning those gritty realism dials up to 11? Whatever your first aid strats, let’s hear all about ’em down in the comments!


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