I told you guys about my Cajun combat troll way back when. Beauregard Saucier Dupré and his ridiculous accent remain my all-time favorite. The big guy is weirdly relevant today though, because Shadowrun is weirdly close to our own reality. Sure you’ve got dragons running for president and insect spirits swarming Chicago, but the Oval Office and the White Sox are still things that exist in-setting. They’re references that you can pull in freely. And that makes a world of difference when it comes time to populate a setting.

Case in point, I’ll never forget the time Beauregard et al. got hired for “The Beer Run.” Ours was a table full of beer snobs, so it was a pitch-perfect premise for the group. The evil Budweiser megacorp had stolen our favorite microbrewery’s proprietary yeast. We stole it back. But we weren’t satisfied with in-and-out corporate espionage. We wanted revenge on behalf of our local taproom.

GM: How do you prep for the run?

Me: I’ma eat a big pot of gumbo before the heist.

GM, nervously: What’s in it?

Me, very Cajun: Whole cow.

What followed was one of the silliest, middle schooliest exchanges of my gaming career. After the heist was successfully completed and the defeated GM’s face was firmly planted in his hands:

GM: OK. You successfully shit in one of the fermentation tanks.

Me: One? How man tank der is?

GM: There are a dozen.

Me: Gon’ fa nutha wan.

Table: What?

Me: I say, I’m goin’ for anotha one.

GM: OK. Make a roll to pinch it off.

God I miss playing that character. But it wasn’t just the hijinks that I loved. It’s the fact that we passed that Budweiser plant every time we drove down to Denver IRL. It was a local landmark, and it fit easily into our collective imagination. Inventing a scenario where we could head into an IRL place and be silly murder-hobos was a freaking blast. And it leads to our question of the day!

Have you ever gamed in The Real World (or some reasonably close facsimile)? Fiasco is a good one for close-to-reality one-shots. Both versions of the World of Darkness do the gothy version of Shadowrun’s shtick. Same deal with Egyptian ruins in Cthulhu or geopolitics in Top Secret. Did you write your home town into the setting? Pull in Google Maps for research? Tell us all about the real places that became fictional settings down in the comments!


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