I love me a reach build. There’s nothing like the rush of interrupting your DM’s charge with a shouted, “I MAKE MY AOO!” Then you grin like the smug jerk you are when you trip them before they can even get close. If you’re in 3.X (and have a GM who can’t read), you can even trip lock your opponents, keeping them in the dirt while you and the squad wail away.

Needless to say, this mess is less fun when you’re on the receiving end. Methinks our pal Monk is finding this out the hard way. Honestly tough to believe that they don’t have weight classes in Handbook-World sumo.

That’s the thing about small-sized fighters. This is just one more disadvantage you have to overcome. Where a standard medium-boy can get tagged with enlarge person and get crazy-time reach, you can only look chagrinned as you say, “I’m normal sized now.”

Conversely, there’s something supremely satisfying about gaining Stretch Armstrong powers, wielding  stupidly long whips, or otherwise getting your reach into “unfair” territory.

So for today’s discussion question, what do you say we talk shop about all our favorite reach builds? What’s your favorite weapon? What’s your go-to tactic? And how do  you like to abuse the power of go-go-gadget arms? Tell us all about your Mr. Fantastic strats down in the comments!


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