It was just a few comics ago when I realized that Brutus the Hedgehog and Sorcerer had never been in a comic together. Watching the fever light of mutual pyromania burning in their firebug eyes, it’s hard to believe they’d never walked through the wreckage of a burning kingdom to the psychedelic sounds of The Doors before. We’ll have to get Tarantino to direct the live action version.

Watching the two of them working as a team, it’s a pleasant change of pace to remember what the game is supposed to look like. We spend so much time worried about clashing playstyles. The combat monkey gets bored while the diva pontificates. Alignments clash. Combat tactics don’t play nice together. Or personalities clash in unproductive ways. It seems like the majority of the tales from the table you read online are horror stories and cautionary tales. It’s easy to forget the positive.

There’s this special alchemy that happens when you’re on the same wavelength as your gaming companions. Just for a moment, you drop into the same headspace as the boon companions of the game world. With little more than a glance and a nod, you charge into danger as one. In the comical moments, you pick up your buddy’s straight line and bandy it back and forth for half an hour (your GM’s groans are a sign that you’re succeeding). You special abilities synergize. You cut the chatter during the serious moments. Everyone has eyes on a single quest objective, and there’s no more squabbling about which sidequest deserves your attention.

So for today’s discussion, why don’t we focus on the positive? Sing the praises of your favorite adventuring companion! Tell us what your wingman did, how well you synergized, and when exactly you knew that “this is a person I want in all my games.” So give us your best stories of good brosmanship and life-long flanking partners down in the comments!


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