What I really want to know is where he got Gandalf’s hat.

After a quick Google search, it appears he went straight to Weta Workshop. Yeesh, I hope he used his own cut of the loot. That hat ain’t cheap, and Thief is going to be pissed if Fighter used party funds.

Speaking for myself, multiclassing has always been a tough nut to crack. Sure there are prestige classes, and they’re cool as hell, if a bit weak mechanically. But even if I put power issues aside there’s still the big fat conceptual problem. Who wants to wait until Xth level to play a character concept? I want my guy to function as intended from level 1. Worse than that, I’ve still got to deal with the storyline consequences. No matter how well I plan out my Wizard 3/Cleric 3/Mystic Theurge 10/Wizard 4, I’ve still got to make my leveling schedule sync up with the narrative. Depending on whether or not my PC starts off as a cleric or a wizard, he’s got to experience either a surge of religious feeling or a sudden desire to study the arcane at 4th level. That’s awfully specific, and may not work in a given campaign.

GM: “You’ve bested the herd of vampire cows, and have chosen to spend the night in the barn. Actually, you guys have enough XP to level. Congrats.”

Me: “Sweet! I finally get my first level of wizard!”

GM: “So…where do you get your spellbook and familiar?”

Me: “Fuck you, that’s where.”

And I get it. You use the magic of retroactivity to say that you’ve been scribing magical formulae and spending a few minutes around the campfire each night training your pet toad or whatever, but that’s weak sauce. And thus, stymied by my own inability to apply handwavium, I soldier on with my single class builds.

How about you guys? Any especially cool multiclass ideas to recommend?


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