This comic marks the first time I’ve stopped to reflect on Fighter as a PC rather than a comic character. And so, with a mounting sense of horror I must ask a question almost too terrible to contemplate: What kind of player fields a character like Fighter? I’m assuming it’s some version of the dread entity known as That Guy, but could he really be so awful as to not chip in for Domino’s? I can almost smell his gamer stench, see his many chins, and feel his Cheetos-stained fingers on my shoulder. The mind recoils.

I really dig Laurel’s “replacement party” there in the foreground, mostly because they put me in mind of the The Reward. For the uninitiated, the whole schtick of the series is that a map puts a new set of adventurers on the path to fortune and glory each episode. Some adventures end in riches, some in tragedy, and all in eye candy. I have a feeling that, if Fighter’s party got hold of the map, their adventure would end precisely as pictured.

Seriously though, if you’ve never heard of “The Reward” then do yourself a favor and click that hyperlink. It’s one of the finest animated fantasy adventures on the web, or anywhere for that matter.


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