We’ve all been there. You’re buddy’s been possessed. Or dominated. Or impersonated by a doppelganger. Rather than running them through just to be sure, you’ve hit upon a brilliant plan.

“Alright bucko. If you’re really Sir Smitesby, then tell me something that only Smitesby would know.”

Meanwhile poor Smitesby is sitting there racking his brains. With the spotlight glaring and a room full of “allies” ready to jump down his shit at the first sign of treachery, he’s got to be himself as hard as possible.

In Magus’s case, that’s not so hard. Girl is thick as a brick, and playing dumb comes natural. For characters like Wizard, a bit of sesquipedalian loquaciousness will get the job done. If I were playing Thief, I’d probably roll a die as proof of my authentically horrible luck. The cast of The Handbook of Heroes have a handful of very-obvious character traits. (They’re named after their classes after all.) But for the rest of us I think it’s not so easy.

As longtime gamers, we tend to like subtlety and nuance in our characterization. We’ve got complex backstories, arcs filled with drama trauma, and more personality quirks than a White Wolf list of merits and flaws. But if you had to reduce your favorite PC down to their core trait, what would that look like?

I suggest we answer that question for today’s discussion. If your favorite character found herself in Magus’s position, having to convince allies of her identity, what would make them go, “Yup, that’s her?” Sound off down in the comments!


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