This shit is verbatim from my own table. Maybe not the Egyptian-themed sand trap, but you best believe that’s me wrapped up in toilet paper there in the background.

“Make a Perception check. I mean Wits + Awareness. What game are we playing?”

This stuff happens when you switch frequently between systems. Hell, I just paused writing this blog to run a bit of Pathfinder 1e, there to shame myself before all the other grognards by asking them to make “Wisdom Saving Throws.” Game for long enough and the bits and pieces begin to crash together. Echoes of my mom calling our Playstation “the Nintendo” begin to sound uncomfortably familiar.

At the table, this kind of thing usually doesn’t matter. If you ask for a Heal check, most folks understand you meant Medicine. Ask for Arcana and your Starfinder pals will assume you meant Mysticism. You might catch a little side-eye from the Clerics of the world, but as long as communication is afoot, everything is groovy.

The one spot where these memory lapses actually bug the crap out of me is more computer-related. If I want a spell that does mind-control, I might have to wade through a dozen or so obscure creatures abilities and dominate variations before I find the right one. And gods forbid I need that one cold-based spell that I can’t quite recall. Asking the internet for “list of cold spells” will not help me to distinguish Creeping Cold from Obedient Avalanche. (Of course, this may just be a 3.X problem. Great Gygax in the sky but I love me some splatbooks.)

What about the rest of you guys? Do you ever have trouble separating your game terms? Are there any handy tricks for keeping all that terminology straight? Or is the answer something more like “get good noob?” Tell us all about your cross-system mix-ups, lost spells, and superpowers that you’ll never find again down in the comments.


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