What was the best game you ever played? Close your eyes and think back on it. Was it somebody’s parents’ basement on a Saturday night, anime posters and discarded Magic cards littering the floor? Was it a common room in undergrad, pizza boxes and beer cans stacked to the ceiling, and finals still (thank gods!) weeks away? Maybe it was a new group in a new city? The night when everything clicked, and the unfamiliar game shop suddenly felt like home?

It’s strange to think back on campaigns past. Some characters and story moments stick out, but it’s the sense of camaraderie that still echoes.

Were you playing your monk or your sorcerer when we fought the T-Rex? Oh yeah, I do remember that your boyfriend sat in for a few sessions. What was his adept’s name again? And remember the time your cat got into pizza?  Lol. 

Maybe I’m getting nostalgic in my old age. My degree is finally coming to a close, and it’s almost time to move on to the next thing in the next city. But when I think back on the stories that meant the most to me, it’s the people rather than the unfinished tales that I really miss. Sure I’d like to go back and defend lost citadels one last time, but even more I find myself wishing for one more homecooked meal afterwards, or a beer with the buds, or the old gang  shouting a raucous greeting when I clamor down the basement stairs.

My point in conjuring the golden light of yesteryear is simply this: Appreciate it while it lasts. Because gaming groups are hard to gather and harder to maintain. People move away. They grow up, have kids, and take on different hobbies. The stories peter out. But friendship is the real treasure, and you can never tell you’re in Camelot until it’s gone.

So for today’s discussion, what do you say we pause to appreciate the good groups past? Who were the best bunch you ever rolled dice with? Have you told them you love them lately? Hit us with your own nostalgia moments and “best games ever” down in the comments!


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