It’s been a hot minute since our “In Your End-O!” comic. Now as then it remains incontrovertible fact: It is scientifically impossible for gamers to resist a pun-off.

I mean, if this mess happens at the table it’s liable to drive you batty. Especially if you’ve got a stake in your game’s tone, dealing with this kind of disruption can bite. And in the same vein, it’s a big fat no fang you if your GM works a pun into into play. The bastards will just there grinning, repeating the gag every so coffin until somebody notices. Trust me when I say it’s a pain in the neck, and one that I’ve dealt with countless time.

Of course, there’s a reason that we’ve resurrected the vampire twins for this particular gag. Punning is a form of humor that brings laughter to the jokester rather than the audience. Hearing a pun just puts you in Bard’s shoes. You find yourself frowning, groaning, and wishing to be anywhere else. In other words, you become a humor vampire when you pun. It’s a parasitic activity that sucks joy from other people and transfers it to yourself.

Therefore, I’d like to thank you all for reading this far. You’ve collectively contributed to my spirit bomb. It’s very nearly ready to blow up the moon or whatever. I mean, you could foil my dastardly plans if you were able to suck back all that energy with puns of your own. So ya know… pulses and minuses. But I’m not worried. I’d have to be inundated with a barrage of truly awful wordplay to come out net negative here. And I don’t think you’ve got it in ya. :3


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