Hey, look at that! Another comic about me! (Hint: They’re all about me.)

I’m not exactly proud to say it, but I used to be this particular flavor of douche canoe. Despite my own experiences with gatekeeping, a younger me said some pretty obnoxious shit to my fellow hobbyists.

You still play Pokémon? No, of course I haven’t tried it. But you’re not twelve. Have you ever tried a better card game?

We get it. You like Powered by the Apocalypse. Just shut up about it for five seconds!

Eurogame? Naw dude. Where’s the fun if the most skilled player always wins? Why don’t  you just play chess? 

To some extent, these are still my (shitty) opinions. The big difference is that I no longer go around broadcasting them like a big glistening bag of turds (present case study notwithstanding). That’s not easy though. When you love something, you want to share it with the rest of the world. And all too often that drive to share comes at the cost of courtesy.

What do you mean  you’ve never tried Magic / Pathfinder / Betrayal at House on the Hill? These things are awesome! You should be tripping over yourself to love all the same things I love! The fact that you aren’t plainly indicates a lack of character. 

So take it from a recovering That Guy. Love your thing. Share it with others. But you’ll have a better chance of spreading the Good Word if your opening pitch is something besides, “The thing you love is dumb. Mine is better.”  

So for today’s discussion, why don’t we try a confessional? ABSOLVE YOURSELVES! Tell us about the time your came off as judgy about somebody else’s hobby. Or if you’ve been so judged, tell us how it made you feel.


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