No dog can or will ever replace Patches the Unkicked. But it’s a curious thing about love. No matter how much you think you’ve lost, there’s always enough of it left over. Especially for the small and defenseless creatures who need our help.

None know that better than long-time Handbook of Heroes fan Grendelkin! We’ve seen enough of our characters getting the fan art treatment that we figured it was time to balance the scales. And what better time than the softening of Vengeance’s heart? After all, that little chibi in the sewer is part of a race of multiversal do-gooders. Imagine The Borrowers, but hiding in the cracks between worlds instead of the cracks between floor boards. They’re a good example for today’s discussion.

You see, we all imagine dragon slaying and demon banishing when we think of heroism. All durm. All strang. But even if those moments are cool, they aren’t the ones where we really fall in love with a hero. It’s when they do something small and kind. They help a neighbor move even though they’re beat half to death from their last super hero fight. They stop to free the wolf from the trap. They set the toppled grave marker to rights before driving off into the storm.

So by all means, go out and fight Evil. Just make sure that you stop every once in a while to do Good. The homeless, nameless puppies of the world will thank you for it. And speaking of which….

Let’s try a little something different for today’s discussion! Come up with a name for Antipaladin’s new puppy. We’ll take all the ones that don’t suck and make them options in this month’s Patreon poll. So with all honor and love to Patches, what do we call his successor?


SARCANTASY! Caviites: a species so small, it must compete with mice. Even with the power to pass through cracks in the walls of the multiverse, they are often seen as vermin. Daisy is a Caviite with no memory of her past and no inkling of her future. But when the multiverse teeters on the edge of annihilation in a clash between evil and good (enough), the smallest hands shall press on the scales. Welcome to Sarcantasy.


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