Well well well. Look how the turn tables! We’re 822 comics in, and we find ourselves back at this age old conundrum. Do you pick up the duck in the dungeon?

You guys will no doubt remember a time 2,134 days ago when Fighter encountered this situation. I bet he didn’t hesitate to smite! Poor, naïve Magus was too trusting 1,119 days ago. And then Inquisitor was duped by her own catgirlfriend just 549 days ago. In all cases, letting your guard down was the wrong call. One has to wonder what Vengeance will make of theissituation?

Poor guy must have a lot on his mind! I mean, on the one hand you’re supposed to play your alignment. When you put on the golden armor (or the Blue Flames of Elysium as the case may be), you have to stand for certain principles. And if that means you put yourself at risk to do the right thing, then that’s the cost of doing business.

But on the other hand, being a hero doesn’t mean you have to play dumb, right? Maybe you’re morally obliged to ride to the rescue, but you can still assume an ambush! That’s why the gods invented 10 ft. poles, you know? You’ve got to prod those treasure chests to make sure they don’t have teeth.

So here’s my question to all you goodly gamers. When you’re running a knight in shining armor, and you suspect that your foe is using your own good nature against you, how do you get around it? Is this nothing but Gordian knot-cutting? Or are you sometimes required to make the sacrifice play? In other words: Should Vengeance kick that box before looking inside? 


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