I guess that Cleric has been reaching through planar boundaries lately. That must be how he’s getting all these strange otherworldly artifacts. I’d be careful if I was him. I mean, who in all of Handbook-World can guess what vast reserves of magical energy slumbers within those seemingly-innocuous icosahedrons?

For my part, I know exactly what potential slumbers within math rocks. The power to drain your bank account. The power to overrun your game room. The power to overflow your sorting bins, inflict d4 damage on your feet, and demand investment in a draconic security system just to contain them. The power to (and I’m not even making this up) literally arrive at my door in the midst of writing this blog post. In case it isn’t clear, I take the Thief approach to dice collecting. You can’t ever have enough.

Of course, I can understand the appeal of the Cleric approach. If you’ve inherited a set of dice from a family member, or if you’ve got some particularly lucky old battle-buddy left over from your first, long-ago high school campaign, then you only need one set. All the totemic power of the Dice Gods resides in that sole, singular lump of plastic, and Torag help the brazen house cat who dares to swipe it off the table and into the heating vent.

What about the rest of you guys? Do you like to keep a proper dice hoard, or do you have a Master Set that you use for every game? Tell us all about the lustrous, shiny, glittering treasures of your dice trove down in the comments!


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