We already talked about gaming under the influence back in Drinking Problems, so what do you say we take this one in another direction? Let’s talk about adorable baby monsters instead. Shit always goes wrong when you’re dealing with adorable baby monsters.

For example, do you remember when my group made a deal with those aboleths last week? Well one of the allied NPCs that became fish chow was a myconid sprout named Stool. We’d all grown attached to the little guy, and so began plotting ways to try and resurrect him. After the intra-party drama subsided we gathered up as many shroom chunks as we could before setting off in search of high-level divine magic. That’s when our sorcerer developed a sudden interest in cooking.

“Hey guys, let me make you some breakfast,” he said. “It’s good to have comfort food in these trying times.”

“Ummm… Sure?”

There was much note passing between the sorcerer and the GM. There was a dice roll. Suppressed giggling. Then we were tucking into steaming hot bowls of Underdark goulash.

“I feel like Stool will always be with us now,” said the sorcerer, chaotic random prick that he is. Turns out we didn’t have the resources to resurrect the little guy anyway, but it’s no fun finding out that you’ve been Scott Tenorman’d. Apparently it was tasty at least.

What about the rest of you guys? Have you ever adopted a baby monster? If so, what horrible malarkey did you have to deal with as a consequence? Let’s hear it in the comments!


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