You know, I would be more than willing to write up a nice family history if the GMs of the world would stop killing everyone off. It’s like every character’s family tree is the guest list for the Red Wedding. Fighter is just a little ahead of the curve.

People are lazy though, and that’s the real reason for the “man with no past” PC. Players are too lazy to put in the work, and GMs certainly don’t want to squeeze 4-6 PCs worth of distant relations into a story. I mean sure, it could lead to a vibrant narrative with fully developed characters, but then we might have to spend a few freaking minutes not killing things.

“But Colin,” I hear you say. “My favorite ever PC was an orphan, and she was a fully developed character!” Well bully for you. I’m sure Harriet Pöttér was a great wizard or whatever. But my family is dead, and I’m bitter about it.


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