I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a little disappointed in Wizard. Without the moderating influence of Horsepower, it looks like she too has succumbed to the siren song of shenanigans. It’s hard to fault her though. This mess happens to everybody. 

Here’s where I’m coming from. When it’s time to decide “what my guy would do,” the decision is all about prioritizing. At its most basic level it’s that old theater kid line: What’s my motivation? While PCs tend to care somewhat about impressing the local muckety-mucks, they care a lot more about their personal quests. For example:

  • Thief — Weary of playing second fiddle to Wizard’s ambassadorial duties, our larcenous lady’s jealous streak rears its ugly head. She doesn’t know what grand romantic gesture she wants or needs, but it had better be a good one. 
  • Cleric — If you’re going to invite a dwarf to dinner, you’d better not serve him wine. In Cleric’s culture, the big book of etiquette says it’s rude to quaff any less than five ales before the first course. You better believe he’s going to follow the RAW on that one.
  • Wizard — There are but two choices here. Act as a good Ambassador ought, endure the petty insults aristocrats, and secure the disputed borderlands for the Ivy Throne… Or scandalize these human pricks with secret elven make out techniques. Which, I wonder, will cause the most drama?
  • Fighter — Fuck yeah murderhobo!

No matter what your motivation happens to be, fancy parties and formal occasions are the perfect time to show it off. Violating the social mores of Lady Weatherbottom or Sir Fancypants or whoever is a guaranteed way to grab the spotlight. And when an entire party (inevitably) goes for the spotlight at once, the chaos is always entertaining. 

Therefore! For today’s discussion question, I’d like you guys to pick one of your favorite PCs. Imagine that they’ve been handed a ticket to a gala affair. How are they going to ruin that occasion with their personal drama? What petty vendettas, secret plots, and weird motivations are likely to cause a stir at His Majesty’s high table? Tell us all about your own black tie shenanigans down in the comments!


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