Falling into lava is among the worst things that can happen to an adventurer. While many systems deal an arbitrarily large amount of damage to the unfortunate soul, I suggest that the phrase “you die” is a more elegant rule. And I don’t care how many videos you show me of guys running up lava flows on YouTube. I’ve got a wealth of Gollums, Terminators, and Anakins who would like to have a word with you about fantasy physics.

Now aside from the question of high density fluids interacting with adamantine footwear, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the nature of today’s comic. It’s the third in a series that began with Point Man and continued in Aid Another. You may notice a certain continuity between the side scroller style and the background details. Well there’s a reason for that. Laurel and I have plans for several more in the series, with a goal of turning them all into a contiguous dungeon image. Will there be a poster? Does an owlbear crap in the Feywild?

Of course, dungeons are tricky buggers, and require a lot of planning. What’s lurking in the deepest dungeon? What kind of boss monster is hanging out on the tallest tower? Why can’t the party simply scale the outer walls of the castle? I think I’ll throw this one open to you guys. If you’ve got any bright ideas, I wouldn’t say no to a little brainstorming.

See you in the comments!


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