I feel that Thief’s nightie is the MVP of this comic.

Sleepwear aside, it’s been a while since we talked about the etiquette of game night snacks. I’ve recently joined a number of not-at-my-house type games though, so the issue has been on my mind of late. When there’s a big bowl of candy on the table and seven varieties of Mountain Doom in the mini fridge, it’s your right as a member of the gaming group to help yourself. That’s what it’s there for. I mean, what kind of host is going to sit on a throne of pizza and tell his buddies to abstain?

But! (And it is a big but.) If you are heading over to somebody’s house X times a month, you make damn sure to contribute. Bring the occasional six pack. Chip in for the pizza. If you’re a poor college student and can’t afford more than a bag of Cheezos, you should be asking your GM whether they prefer crunchy or puffs.

This isn’t complicated stuff. You don’t need a formal charter pinned to the initiative tracker for this. As a host, you feed your pals when they’re in your house. As a guest, you refill the pantry lest you be mistaken for a snack-sucking human vacuum. No one should have to ask you to do these things. Then again, no one should have to tell you not to loot the party funds or stab Lady Quest-Giverington in her own court, ya friggin’ murderhobo.

What do you guys think? Am I overreacting here? Is there some system of host/guest relations that is hidden from me? Let’s hear how you guys split the snack bill down in the comments.


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