What’s this? The beginnings of a five-part arc about Thief and Wizard’s relationship? I mean, they’ve only been dating since comic #52 “Intra-Party Romance.” What are we up to now? Comic #549? It’s about time the Handbook’s OG couple got a little attention!

While we wait for that story to develop, why don’t we return for a moment to the well-worn topic of session scheduling? We may have talked about this once or twice (or thrice…possibly four times) before, but the perennial challenge of figuring out your next game time is always worth reconsidering. In fact, I’d venture to say that just picking a time and sticking to it may actually work against your campaign’s long-term health.

Weird to think about, I know, but here’s where I’m coming from. We so often hold up the ideal of “game night” as this sacrosanct thing. The campaign begins, the group picks Tuesday or whatever as the weekly Time of Convocation, and no further thought is necessary. Everyone knows that Tuesday is the day, and with that knowledge firmly in mind you can all work your schedules around it. It even works for a while. You game consistently for a few months. The months turn into a year, the campaign is still going strong, and so you march boldly forth together into the paragon tier. Mazel tov.

But then it happens. Alice decides to go back to school. Or maybe Bob has kid. Perhaps Carol gets voluntold for nightshift, and suddenly Tuesdays aren’t looking so hot anymore. When these things happen, asking the group to schedule around the game doesn’t really fly. And at that point, it’s time to slaughter some sacred cows. It’s time to renegotiate game night.

This is never an easy step. As gamers, we tend to cling to our comfort zone and never let go. But for my money, periodically revisiting Session Zero decision points is healthier than trying to make the same old thing work, even when it’s obviously not. Scheduling game night is just one example. Location and hosting duties are another. Who’s GMing, which system you’re playing, and attendance policy are all on the table. In my own games, the old XP vs milestone debate came back after four years of play. And honestly? I only wish we’d had that conversation a little sooner.

So for today’s discussion question, why don’t we talk about the BIG THINGS that you’ve changed midway through a campaign? Maybe you decided to switch to a new edition. Maybe you added some new players. Maybe you subtracted a few, splitting one big table into two smaller ones. Maybe you even did the unthinkable and changed the timing for your weekly game night. What was the decision, and how did your group collectively make it? Tell us your tales of bold executive action and consensus-building down in the comments!


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