No, we’re not talking about lawful good PCs bending their character concept to accommodate evil. We already did that.

And no, we’re not talking about outrageous and unbelievable lies. We did that too.

We’re not even talking about the lengths you’ll go to in order to preserve your secret identity, because we literally just did that.

Instead, today’s comic is about a much more important concept: Asking for a bigger reward. It may be distasteful work for a hero, but somebody in the party needs to be willing to pull the trigger and say “what’s in it for me?” You aren’t a charity after all. There’s magic swords to be bought and potions of healing to be chugged, and that mess requires coin.

My thinking on this subject has been shaped by my time among the modules. In many cases, the notion of PCs pressing for bonus loot is baked right into the adventure. In my Strange Aeons campaign, for example, you get this little nugget:

If the PCs try to bargain with Winter, they find she can’t offer much in the way of value. If forced, she can only raise 28 gp worth of coins and cheap jewelry from the survivors, and she won’t like doing it.

In Out of the Abyss, you get this interesting little aside:

Bruenor assures the adventurers they will have his gratitude and that of all Gauntlgrym—indeed, of all Faerûn—if they are successful. If the characters press for details or try to negotiate compensation for their service, the king points out that Gauntlgrym has considerable space, and he can offer them titles, property, and the products of the Great Forge as rewards. Such mercenary negotiations lowers Bruenor’s opinion of the adventurers a bit, but he never loses his genial manner.

You see? It’s an incredibly important job with literally no downside. What I’m saying is that, if you don’t have a face assigned to negotiating duty, it’s time you started squeezing those starving orphans and terrified villagers for coin. In fact, I’m honestly amazed we haven’t covered this topic before. >_>

Question of the day then! Do you like to press your quest givers for bonus treasure, or would you rather act the selfless hero? Sound off in the comments with your favorite negotiating strategies and finest loot hauls!


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