I always assumed that Necromancer was sincere in her various and sundry misapprehensions. Now I realize I was mistaken. Posted up beneath a bridge, the girl is clearly trolling.

I’ll see myself out.

Before I’m shown a richly-deserved Moon Door, however, allow me to say a few words on the plight of the Evil Party. It is one that I’ve shared all too recently. Not the zombies or the fumigation per se, but the unfortunate lack of adventuring venue.

This summer I find myself in foreign climes, working at a sister school in Berlin. I was drawn into my first D&D game on the first weekend at the hotel. And when my peers discovered that I have experience chucking dice, it quickly became my job to GM.

“But Colin!” you say. “You put your other games on hiatus so you could concentrate on finishing your dissertation!”

To which I reply, “You’re not my supervisor.”

Point is that it’s down to me to dust off Phandelver, acquire wet erase markers, and cut out a bunch of paper standees. All of that is well within my wheelhouse. What proved to be harder was finding a space to game.

Rooms out here are tiny, and I don’t fancy clustering together on someone’s bed. The next logical alternative was to use a hotel meeting room. The bloody things are €30/hour though, and trust me when I say that my games are not worth that rate. Fortune seemed to change when I roped in a local player (befriended at a bar during the Leipzig/Freiburg match). Dude had generous friends with a rooftop venue out in Kreuzberg, and it sounded like an ideal spot. Apparently they really are generous though. They gave the place to refugees from Ukraine, and I can’t fault them for that. It does leave me in a pickle though.

While I check in with hotel management about gaming in the restaurant, why don’t you other denizens of Handbook-World tell us about your venues? Have you ever scrambled to find a new place after the old one fell through? And more generally, what makes an ideal place to game? Share all your tales of fancy high-tech game rooms and ant-infested picnic tables down by the river down in the comments!


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