Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! On the off-chance you didn’t notice the coloration of that headland in the background, we’re taking a tour through world mythology this month. And not just any world mythology. Oh no no my friends, we’re talking specific world mythology. That’s why today’s comic depicts not a kelpie (a notably Scottish beastie), but an aughisky. When we asked our Quest Giver patrons which IRL country should supply the bestiary for this month, the results came back with a decisive win for Ireland. That means you’re in for a romp through the Emerald Isle’s weirdest critters. (Better luck next time to runners up Philippine and Mayan mythology.)

Let’s get back to the aughisky though, because it absolutely deserves a closer look. While it’s just one variant on the classic “water horse that drowns you” trope, the thing is positively dripping with cool detail. In the first place, its back is freaking adhesive. It prefers raw meat, but will also accept roast mutton. Get it a bit inland and throw a bridle on it and you’ve got yourself the finest steed in all the land. But if it catches a glimpse of saltwater it will gallop into the sea, at which point it will presumably eat you. Methinks Snowflake’s reaction is one your players will share.

If you introduce this thing properly, you’ll have much more than than a standard “grabs you and drowns you” monster. You’ll have a villainous horse-trader who sells you damaged goods. You’ll have an entryway into Faerie, along with a possible encounter with merrow slavers. You might even befriend a legit monstrous cohort, which can then dish out monstrous bite damage to your enemies. I know I’d love to see a noble knight running up the butcher’s bill to keep his new buddy fed. And I’d certainly love to see my players’ faces when they hear me imitating the munching sounds.

So how about it, Handbook-World? As we begin our journey down the rocky road to Dublin, what do you say we compare notes? When have you gone back to mythology rather than official bestiaries to flesh out your critters? Have you ever changed  game monsters so that they more closely resembled their origins? Or have you found some obscure monster and statted it up yourself? Whatever your story, pour us a Guiness or five and tell it to us down in the comments!


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