Between Assassin’s recent ouster from The Anti-Party and today’s unhappy leave-taking, we’ve seen a lot of negative depictions of “the breakup.” But if you look closely, you might notice the jubilant angle of Necromancer’s middle finger. Witch and Succubus might be ever so slightly toxic, but Necromancer seems to be walking off into a literal bright new day. And that doesn’t seem so sad at all.

Today’s comic is about doing the right thing for yourself. We’ve all heard the adage that “no D&D is better than bad D&D.” But it’s worth looking past the epithet to figure out why that’s the case.

When a game has turned sour on you, it’s easy to come up with excuses to keep going. For example:

  • There aren’t any other groups in my small town. 
  • My only alternative is to play online. I hate online gaming. 
  • My sibling / coworker / best friend’s obnoxious spouse is in the game. I can’t just leave!
  • It’s not so bad.
  • It’s not worth the drama. 
  • He only crits me because he loves me. 

The most important thing to remember if you find yourself thinking these thoughts is this one simple question: Are you still having fun? Sure parts of it are good. But do you find yourself dreading the game? Has it become a drain on your mental resources rather than a fun pastime? Do you find yourself leaving the session pissed off rather than excited to play again? How many group members do you want to punch in the head? If the answer is more than one, you don’t have a That Guy problem. You have a group problem, and you owe it to yourself not to play with shitty people.

So for today’s discussion, let’s talk about knowing when it’s time to leave. Have you ever found yourself putting on Necromancer’s cloak, hoisting the bird, and walking away from a bad group? What was the last straw, and was it the right decision? Tell us your tale down in the comments!


LAUREL & CLAIRE: If any of you guys made your Investigation checks, you might have noticed that Laurel is in LA while Claire is teaching in New Jersey. Just remember that love interests come and go, but a good flanking partner is worth their weight in gold. The story continues, and so does our creative partnership.


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