You know what? If you poison the town well, or even if you’re guilty of aiding and abetting someone poisoning the town well, you have probably lost your moral compass. That’s doubly true if you moral compass is off trying to become a divine herald.

Roleplaying games are funning that. Being true to yourself — following what you believe to be right — can often take a backseat to getting along with the other players. Helping Assassin make the murders might not seem like giving up on your character’s’ beliefs in the heat of the moment. It’s just politesse! I mean, you wouldn’t want to step on someone else’s fun, right?

If you’ve ever been a rogue that had to restrain their sticky fingers or a paladin forced to excuse the necromancer’s blasphemous magic, then you know how much of a compromise this can be. When opinionated people gather around the gaming table, those bold personalities can lead to clashing creative visions. Barbarian might enjoy a bit of old-fashioned violence, but melting the guts out of the locals is less fun for her than chopping up demons. Unfortunately for her, she’s going to have PLENTY of opportunity to chop up demons down in hell. But methinks Assassin is going to catch some chopping first.

So what do you say, kids? Have you ever tried to make room for another gamer’s fun only to realized it ruined you own? If Hell is other gamers, tell us about your stint in Heck down in the comments!

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