You’d think Team Bounty Hunter would have tried speak with animals before now. After nearly a year of barking and growling at Bad Cat, I know I’d have turned to the resident animal lover for an explanation. I can only suppose that it’s yet another example of Inquisitor’s frankly abysmal detective work in action.

Any dang way, we must wait until Friday’s comic to discover whether Ranger took ranks in pantomime. That leaves us with a full work week to ponder the real topic of today’s comic: roleplaying dogs and trees.

Between the aforementioned speak with animals and the similarly-named speak with plantsGMs are often told to take on the role of some less-than-intelligent characters. There’s a lot of leeway in phrases like “a plant’s sense of its surroundings is limited” and “a beast is limited by its Intelligence.” Sure we can ask questions and get answers. But are our non-humanoid conversational partners suddenly acquiring names and human-like personalities, like Patches here? Or are they limited to vague feelings and simple, animalistic desires?

“This kill is my kill! Do not come closer! I will bite!

Or do we go full Octodad with these shenanigans? “The tree sways with the wind, almost as if to say, ‘It was a band of of 17 gnolls on riding geckos. One of them had a red bandana and was missing half an ear?”

The comedy approach is also an option. If there are any Glass Cannon Podcast fans out there, you might recall a particular obnoxious falsetto used for insect spies. (If you hate your eardrums, you can get a taste around 47:00 here.)

All of this leads us inevitably towards our discussion of the day! When you’re taking on the role of a puppy, plant, or bug, how do you hold a conversation? Sound off with your own interpretation down in the comments!


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