Now that you mention it, that bridge does look slightly familiar. In the case of Aragorn and Arwen, it was device to compress time, serving as a convenient excuse to restage the moment of their first meeting. For our pals Paladin and Necromancer, however, we’re compressing space. The bad(?) girl in black is still at Evil Party HQ, while our golden boy is out knight erranting it up in the far corners of Handbook-World. If you want that ship to sail in a world without cell phones, you need some kind of plot device. You need a dream sequence. 

This mess is something you’ll see all the time in the MCU. When the script calls for an exposition dump, they tend to poke a forehead, have a mystic vision, and consult their dream journal. While it’s possible to overuse the technique, there’s a reason it comes up so often. When you need to advance you plot quickly it’s bloody useful.

In the context of a TRPG, it’s also a handy way to shift the spotlight. After all, it’s tough for Wizard to steal the show when the scene is happening in someone else’s head.

So for today’s discussion, what do you say we share our best dream sequences? That includes all the divination sequences, divine revelations, and spirit journeys our characters get up to. So whether you experience a long-distance Vulcan mind meld or simply had a prophetic nightmare, let’s hear all about it down in the comments!


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