You know what’s awesome? Drizzt Do’Urden, that’s what. Sure he’s got those dreamy lavender eyes, but everyone’s favorite dark elf is more than a pretty face. The dude’s also got some sick scimitars, a badass black panther companion, and enough clones to populate a Star Wars prequel. Since his first appearance in The Crystal Shard back in 1988, there have been innumerable iterations of the character, along with the attendant debates about what class he ought to be. Well I think he’s more of a fighter. Well I think he’s a ranger. But you know what? I think he’s a floor wax, and a dessert topping. That’s why of all the many, many incarnations of Drizzt, my favorite is this one from 3e. Check out that character sheet. Go on and look at it. Just bask in its glory. That’s multiclassing at the service of character.

As I’m sure you all know, Drizzt spent his early years training in Melee-Magthere (offering the fighter levels), descended into primitivism while surviving in the Underdark as the “Hunter” (which explains the barbarian level), and found new faith on the surface as a servant of Mielikki (the goddess of rangers). It’s a fairly powerful build, but the level split of Fighter 10/Barbarian 1/Ranger 5 reflects the personality and history of the character. When mechanics reflect character, it’s easier to represent them at the table. The actions you take and the abilities you use are a constant reinforcement of personality. Or at least they should be. Looking at you, Fighter.

How about you kids? Do you multiclass for raw mechanical power, for character reasons, or do you try to combine the two?


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