Never have I felt more in touch with one of my characters. Having wrapped up this semester’s coursework, I decided to celebrate by hopping off last week’s cancellation wagon and back into my Starfinder campaign.

“Let’s get back to blastin!'” I wrote on the group forum. “When do you guys want to game?”

At that precise moment, my other group popped up with its own notification. We were finally booking the final match of our World Wide Wrestling campaign. Would the usual Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! work for everyone?

And not five minute after that, Laurel walked in with a text message from our other other group. Apparently our PCs were overdue for walkies, and the next D&Doggos session was in the works. No points for guessing which weekend.

On the one hand, oh no, woe is me, I have to play too many RPGs. Whatever shall I do? #humbleBrag #firstWorldGamerProblems

It’s an embarrassment of riches, sure. And if you happen to be in poor Gunslinger’s situation, I’ll understand if you don’t feel like throwing too much sympathy my way. But when you make it a point of pride not to be a flaky Fighter, coordinating between your commitments is its own special skill challenge.

Therefore, for today’s discussion question, I ask my gaming brethren for advice. What’s the best way to coordinate between multiple GMs? Is there a technological solution? And on a slightly more tangential note, what defines “too much of a good thing” for you? How much gaming is too much? Tell us all about your scheduling nightmares and ideal itineraries down in the comments!


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